Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boating May 5th 2001

Ten years ago today...
Adam called and told me he was taking his brothers and sisters to the lake and asked if I wanted to come along.
Fun!!! I love the lake I was so excited to go. I drove out to Adam's parents house then we all rode to the lake together in Adam's parents van. It was fun getting to know Adam's siblings. At one point, Adam's brother Travis asked me if I liked seeing Scars and then showed me a HUGE scar on his leg from a buggy accident......It made me feel a little better about Ben's ringworm comment.
The lake was a blast. Adam's brother drove the boat for a bit while Adam wake boarded and let me just say...He looked REALLY good on that wake board!
Adam wanted to teach me to ski but I didn't want his brothers to hate me for taking up all of their skiing/wake boarding time. (I'd tried several times in the past to learn to ski but I was never able to get up) Frankly, I didn't want to embarrass myself. So I rode the tube and it was SO fun!
When we got back to the Gurr's house, Adam surprised me by asking if I would have Sunday dinner with his family the next day. I told him I'd be there. I was a little nervous to visit with his parent's  I'd heard a rumor that they usually didn't like anyone who dated their kids. Yikes!

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