Sunday, May 29, 2011

DTR (Define the Relationship) May 26th 2001

Ten years ago today......
Adam and I went out to eat at the Macaronni Grill.  After dinner we went to my cousin Jay's wedding reception. We held hands, so most of my family members were curious about the status of our relationship.
All I could tell them was that we were enjoying getting to know each other.... and I knew without a doubt that he was destined to be my Eternal Ccompanion!!  O.K. I didn't really say that. How could I when he was right there holding my hand. (But I was thinking it!)
When we pulled up to my apartment after the reception, we sat together for a while in the car and talked.  (Now before you go thinking it was inappropriate for us to be sitting together in a parked car...We were actually in his parents 15 passenger van with a two foot space between our seats. And come on... Adam barely started holding my hand just two days earlier. We weren't about to start making out.)
I knew there was something I needed to tell Adam before our relationship progressed much further. But I wasn't sure when I should say it.
So I simply told him that there was something he needed to know about me before he decided whether or not he wanted to start making this relationship a more permanent one.
He said I better tell him now then, because he'd already made that decision. And he reached over and took my hand.
Sigh... this would be harder than I thought.
Then I told him about all the doctors and specialists that I'd been seeing over the past couple of years. How they all said the same thing....That I'd never be able to bear children. I told him that I'd received priesthood blessings and was promised that I'd be a mother. But, well I just thought he should know, and I told him I wouldn't blame him a bit if he decided not to be with me anymore .
He gave my hand a squeeze, looked into my eyes and said "Thank you for sharing that with me, but it doesn't change a thing."
And from that moment on, we were officially "In a relationship".

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