Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Times May 27th & 28th

Ten years ago....
On Sunday we played games with my family at my parents house.
On Monday (Memorial day) we went to my Aunt Suzie's house for the annual Quist family B.B.Q and swim party. Afterwords, we went to another party at Adam's Aunt Anita and Uncle Tom's house. Adam's cousin Shane married one of my friends from H.S. Tacey. Tacey took my aside and asked me how things were going with Adam. I told her they were going great, but that Adam was sort of a slow mover (ya know.. physically).
She said  "Those Gurr boys are slow to make their first move, but once they do, hold on to your hat and get ready for the ride of your life cause they don't move slow for long!" I'm a little scared...or not. ;)

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