Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner with the Gurrs May 6th 2001

Ten years ago today.....
I went to the Gurr's home for Sunday dinner. When I arrived, Dinner wasn't quite ready so, I went into the kitchen and asked Deanna if she needed any help. She thanked me and handed some lettuce to chop for a salad. All the sudden I regretted asking to help her, not because I no longer wanted to help, but because I was worried that I would chop the lettuce all wrong. What if this were some kind of test?
  I knew how to chop lettuce but, what if I did it differently that she did. Would she think I didn't know how to cook if I chopped the lettuce to thick or too thin? Did she like her lettuce chopped a certain way? If I asked her how she wanted it chopped, would she think I was stupid? Would she think I was not good enough for her son if I only washed the lettuce for two min. rather than four? What if I insulted her by washing the lettuce, because maybe she already did and I just made her think it wasn't clean enough!!!
Sigh....., I just ended up chopping it the way I usually did, and she seemed O.K. with it. Whew. From then on I would watch her do something for a minute (like chop the carrots), then ask if I could finish it for her.
Dinner was great (Thanks to my salad.) ;)
The conversation went along the same lines as the conversation around my parent's dinner table so that helped put me at ease.  After dinner, we played a few games.
All in all it was a fun night and I hoped that I'd made a good impression on his family because his family made a good impression on me.

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