Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Week (and a day) of Dates May 15-22, 2001

Ten years ago Adam and I started seeing each other every day.

On the 15th, we went to my younger brother Russ's choir concert. Afterword, Adam took me out to eat at Souper Salad then we hung out at his parents house for a bit. Adam asked me if I wanted to see the house he was building for himself. It was just up the road. His younger sister Stacy came along. While Adam was giving me the grand tour,  we came to an archway that separated the family room from the kitchen.  Stacey stood against the wall and excitedly said "You guys could measure your kids on this wall!"
There was dead silence for about 10 seconds while Stacey's face turned every shade of red and she looked apologetically at Adam.
"Wow, I love the kitchen!" was all I said. Then the tour commenced and we all acted like she never said a word. But to this day, we all remember the moment with clarity and laugh at the memory.

On the 16th, we attended the East Mesa Institute Closing social together. We played horse shoes, and ate B.B.Q.  but, what I remember most about the night was that when it was about time to go, we were at Adam's work truck and I guess he got thirsty because he lifted a 10 gallon water jug out of the back of the truck and with one hand held it up while he pressed the knob with his other hand and poured the water directly into his mouth. I remember this so clearly because Adam's bicep made a good impression on me.
Yeah.....His bicep was HUGE!

On the 17th, we went to the Temple together. On the walk back to my house (My apartment was less than a block from the Temple) Adam said "I'm the luckiest guy I know because I've gotten to spend time with you three nights in a row."  O.K. It was a cheesy thing to say and I don't think he intended it to rhyme, but It completely melted my heart.

On the 18th, we babysat my friend's two little boys so she and her husband could go the Temple.
 Adam didn't have to come along, but I'm glad he did. It gave me an opportunity to watch him interact with kids. He was great with them, and it was a fun night of watching movies and playing with cars.

On the 19th, we played games with Adam's Grandma and Grandpa Gurr. They taught me to play Liar's dice and at the end of the evening Adam's Grandpa yelled "Well Adam, have you kissed her yet!" I wanted to say "NO! And he hasn't even held my hand either!" Adam just turned bright red, chuckled and said quietly "No, not yet."  (He said YET!!!!)

On the 20th, (Sunday) we went to a combined Burk Family Home Evening with my extended family on my mothers side.  My family made it very clear that they really liked Adam and so many people took me aside and told me "Don't let this one get away". I'll do my best to hang on to him.

On the 21st, We went water skiing with the Gurrs for F.H.E. I was content to ride the tube but Adam's dad insisted that I try skiing. I didn't want to embarrass myself, but Adam's dad isn't someone you can say no too.
Here goes nothing......
Adam hopped into the water with me while I got situated with the ski's and Adam's dad gave me a few tips. Suddenly, before I knew it... I was up! I couldn't believe it! Sure, it was only for a few seconds but I'd never even gotten up before. I tried again and was able to stay up for a little longer that time! I'm a skier!!! With the water and the boat and the skis!! I skied!! His whole family was cheering for me! At that moment, I felt that HIS family was MY family. It was the best.

On the 22nd, We went out to eat with my Home teachers (and friends) the Boyles. They were an eccentric, zany, and fun couple. Before I agreed to go with them, I made them PROMISE me that they wouldn't say anything to inappropriate or embarrassing (which they were very likely to do) But, true to their word they were on their best behavior. They only slipped up a couple times, like when we got to their home she gave me a gift. It was a awesome vintage train case that matched some luggage I had. That wasn't embarrassing but she told me to open it, and inside was a book. I don't remember the exact title but it was something like " A Real Women's Guide to Planning a Wedding" I quickly dropped the book back in the case and shut it, but they got a pretty good chuckle out of it. Thanks guys.

By the end of those eight days, I was the luckiest girl I knew!

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