Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mesa Temple May 4th 2001

Ten years ago today....
Adam and I went on a date to the Mesa Temple.
Earlier that week Adam called and asked if I wanted to go do an endowment session with him on Friday night. I told him that sounded great, as long as I could treat him to dinner afterwords for his Birthday. (His birthday is on the 2nd)
He agreed and it was a date.
It felt very natural to be in the temple with Adam. Nothing out of the ordinary happened...I mean, I didn't receive any major revelation or anything. But, I just remember feeling very peaceful and grateful that I was with Adam.
We went to Matta's for dinner, and while we were waiting for our food I asked Adam  about  his all time favorite birthday. (Since then I've learned that he's not a fan of Birthday attention.)  He said that his favorite birthday was the previous year, he and his parents went to the temple together then out to eat at Matta's. 
Then, he said "This year's birthday... is even better!" (Insert smile here!!!)

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