Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drag Races at Phoenix Raceway April 28th 2001

Ten years ago today....Adam and I went out to Phoenix Raceway to watch some drag races (with jet engine cars) and Monster truck races. A friend of Adam's dad gave him the tickets and he invited me to go with him.
It was an exciting show, but seriously by this point I was just SO confused. Not about My feelings about Adam but about Adam's feelings for me.
I mean, Here was a guy who had three brothers who all would like to have gone to this show, and instead he invites me. He took me out the night before, he sits by me and talks with me at every Y.S.A. activity. This was technically our fifth date with each other. I can tell that he enjoys talking to me and he keeps asking me out. So, he likes me right? THEN WHY WON'T HE JUST HOLD MY HAND ALREADY!!!
Seriously, aside from sitting perfectly still with my hand resting on my leg palm up fingers open, I've given him plenty of opportunities.
Does he really just want to be friends? Because as much as I liked him I wasn't getting any younger. ( I was 23 and 1/2 ) I was ready for the next step in my life but if Adam just wanted to "hang out"....Maybe I needed to move on.
As soon as I got home that night I hit my knees. I told my Heavenly Father that I REALLY liked Adam, but I knew that at this point in my life I needed to be looking for a husband, not just a "friend" to  hang out with all the time.
Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me and I got the feeling to just be patient with Adam. I knew at that point that for whatever reason I should continue to date Adam. I decided to stop worrying about whether or not Adam held my hand and "what it all means". I would use this opportunity to get to know him as well as I could and just have fun with him.
I slept better that night than I had in a long time.

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  1. I loooooved this post! Thanks for the walk down memory lane, "what does it mean? what does it mean?!! LOL!! It means that you got a great guy who took the time to get to know you, and spend time having fun with you. It means when you did hold hands for the first time, it was awesome! Love you sis!