Thursday, April 21, 2011

Four Peaks April 21, 2001

Ten years ago today....Adam and I went on a hike on four peaks.  We planned for me to meet Adam at his parents house ( His parent's house was on the way to four peaks my place was an hour out of the way).
Once I got to Adam's house, we left to go pick up another couple then we met back at his parents house to meet his cousin and her "date".
Well, his cousin brought a date, but she also brought her friend Pam. Pam just happened to be Adam's old girlfriend. (We later found out that Adams cousin Marshelle set the whole thing up thinking that Adam wouldn't get his own date and by default would pair up with Pam. Evidently, Pam  who was Marshelle's best friend,  wanted to get back together with Adam so she had Marshelle plan this hike.)
I could tell that Pam felt a little awkward but so did I. I wondered  if Adam knew she was coming and if he did...why did he invite me?
The good news was that Adam decided to drive his truck which only had room for us and Adam's friend and his date.  So Pam had to ride in a different car with Marchelle and her date.
The bad news was that once we started hiking, it became obvious that Pam was in MUCH better shape than I was. In fact, everyone was. I felt like I was slowing the whole group down and wondered if Adam wished that he didn't bring me along.  We sat down to rest and eat lunch, and Marshelle's group decided to go on ahead to the top.
After lunch we decided to head back to the car. ( Adam told me later that he thought I was hiking slow on purpose in order to put some distance between us and Pam. I told him not to flatter himself. I really was just that bad of a hiker) In any case, it did put some distance between us and on the hike down we were able to relax and have a great time. At some point I got cold and Adam gave me his jacket to wear. (I still have that jacket.)
However, Adam still didn't hold my hand! What was with this guy anyway?  Did he like me or not?
Well, if your waiting to find out when he FINALLY holds my hand... Get comfortable, because it's gonna take a while!

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