Monday, April 4, 2011

Ruth Gets Shotgun... April 4, 2001

Ten years ago today....
 I went to a YSA activity that was held at the Haws Home in Apache Junction.
We all met at the Seminary Building at Skyline High,  then carpooled out to the middle of nowhere where the Haws's lived.
Once we got there, Adam made it a point to sit by me while we ate BBQ then we played ping pong, volleyball, and we sat together during a short devotional.
The best part of the night was when  Adam yelled that he was ready to go and several of the single girls literally ran to the van that Adam was driving back to the seminary building. They were all lined up to get shotgun and any seats available in the front row of the van. I figured I'd end up sitting in the back row because I didn't "line up" fast enough but Adam surprised me by saying (loud enough for everyone to hear) "Ruth gets Shotgun !"
It was hard not to look smug at all the girls who were shooting daggers at me with their eyes.
From that night on, no matter who else was in the car, If Adam was driving, I rode shotgun!


  1. I love that story! That took a lot of guts to say to a bunch of women in hopes to become Mrs. Gurr. :) Go Adam!

  2. ahh ruth, I love reading all your fun LOVE stories.. keep them coming! :) it really was fun seeing you again recently. I hope to see you more oftern :)