Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is Our Ward

When we walk into our Church meeting house each Sunday; We are greeted by some of the most Amazing people we know.  Hugs, handshakes and smiles are given and received  from all.
In our ward, it doesn't matter if your dress is the latest fashion, or if your hair has highlights or is cut in the latest style. Your kids might have accidentally mismatched their socks, and their shoes may even be a little scuffed. Things like that don't matter much in our ward.
Old folks are friends with young folks...And people use words like "folks".
When you have a question about gardening there's a dozen people you can call. All of them would drop what they're doing to help you.
If you have question about how to cook an elk steak, a sewing project, a canning project, food storage, car trouble, chickens, pigs, or a home remedy for pink eye, There's always someone who can and will help you out.

Last Sunday the call went out to our ward family asking for help to fix fence posts on the Church Ranch the following Saturday.
Cattle raised on  the Church Ranch is used to bless the lives of our needy brothers and sisters all around the world through the Church's Humanitarian efforts.
I was awed by the amount of ward members who answered the call to serve. When we pulled up to the job site on the ranger (the church ranch is just a five minute buggy ride from our house) there were families lined up along the fence for as far as we could see. All of them were working together and getting the job done with smiles on their faces.

In fact, so many people came that a four hour job became a two hour job.
Red Rover, Red Rover send Sarah right over!

The youth and kids were able to spend time together playing games and going for buggy rides while the rest of us visited with one another.

Afterwards the Tenny family prepared and served us a great lunch. 

I am so grateful to be associated with such wonderful neighbors and friends.

We LOVE Taylor 3rd ward!

**pictures courtesy of Bridgett Miller**

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