Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

Last Saturday afternoon, the kids were playing with their chicks in the backyard when suddenly I heard one of the little chicks yelp...er squawk..whatever they do when they are hurt.
I see Eliza jump up and I ran over to see what happened.
Sarah was holding her chick and Eliza tearfully told me that she didn't see Sarah's chick go behind her and when she scooted back she accidentally sat on Sarah's chick.
Sarah set her chick back down on the ground and it just stumbled and fell to it's side and closed it's eyes and started breathing really hard.
Sarah screamed "It's dying!" and ran to the house in tears.
I chased after her and held her for a bit while she cried. I told her that her little chick was suffering and I asked her "if you were hurt badly, who would you want to have holding you?" She answered "My Mommy".
I then explained that she was like that little chicks mommy and asked her if she thought she could hold it and comfort it while it was still alive. She said she could and we went back outside. The little chick was still laying on the ground and Sarah picked it up, held it and spoke softly to it through her tears.
By this point we were all crying and Eliza felt SO bad. I suggested that we say a prayer and we all gathered around Sarah and her little chick.
I pleaded for comfort for the children and I simply asked  Heavenly Father to please end the Chick's suffering and allow the chick to continue to live but, if it be his will that it should die, that the chick would go quickly and that it would be taken care of in heaven.
When the prayer was finished, we all hugged and continued to sit with Sarah and her little chick. A minute went by then suddenly, The little chick hopped out of Sarah's hands. It limped around for another minute then was walking perfectly!
Three days have passed and I am happy to report that the chick is as good as ever.
We know that Heavenly Father doesn't always answer our prayers the way we want him to but for whatever reason, he allowed a miracle to take place for us that day. We also know that Heavenly Father hears and answers even the simplest of prayers and that he is mindful of ALL of his creations "Great and Small".


  1. I love this post and had teary eyes reading it. Great and small...how true! And what perfect advise you gave to your children. A sweet and tender moment took place because of your lead. What a good mother you are!