Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Pageant April 7, 2001

Ten years ago yesterday.....
Adam took me to go see the Easter pageant at the Mesa AZ Temple. At the time, I was living in an apartment less than a block away from the Temple. My best friend Lola, and her husband Aaron (one of Adam's good friends) lived in the same neighborhood. We met up with them on the Temple grounds and all sat together to watch the pageant.  I always love the pageant and the story of our Savior's life, but I must confess that it was hard to focus on the pageant when I was sitting so close to Adam. I really wanted him to hold my hand.
 At this point in our relationship, Adam had still not yet built up the courage to hold my hand so thank goodness the seating at the pageant leaves everyone sitting shoulder to shoulder. Just sitting so close to him gave me that fun tingly, twitterpated feeling. (later Adam told me he felt the same way.)
After the pageant we walked back to Lola and Aaron's apartment and played games with them for a bit.
The more I got to know Adam the more I liked him, but I really had no idea how he felt about me.
After the date I called my friend Lola and told her I was a little frustrated because I liked him so much but, I didn't know if he felt the same way about me. She told me that Aaron got a chance to ask Adam about me and Adam said he thought I was  "Really cool".
Sigh,  That didn't help much but I'll take it. "Really cool" is better than just "Cool". Right?!!!

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  1. That was a fun date! We should've hung out more as couples! Crazy to think 10 years have gone by!