Sunday, May 8, 2011


We had a wonderful time visiting with our families this Easter.
On Friday afternoon we drove down to the valley.  The kids had no idea we were going.  We told them that we needed them to help find and load some scrap metal into Dad's trailer  (We already had a HUGE load of scrap metal to sell to a recycling company in the valley) We told them that we needed them to be ready to do a lot of hard work. We were almost to the Saguaro Lake turnoff when we finally told them where we were really going. They were SO excited!!
We had so much fun at the Anderson's house having a family B.B.Q. with all the Gurrs.
 Eliza and Caleb had a fun sleepover on the trampoline with  Braunsen and Jewellana. Sarah and Macey had a slumber party in the living room.

On Saturday The dads took the kids to a fun swimming pool in Chandler while Heather and I went running errands.

Saturday evening was spent with the Quists at my parents house. My mom has an Easter egg hunt for the Grand kids every year. The kids loved finding their eggs filled with treasures .

 After the Egg hunt we enjoyed an amazing ham dinner complete with funeral potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole, jello, and salad.
After going to church with my parents on Sunday morning, we headed back up the mountain and were home by Sunday evening.
We love our families, and at Easter time we are especially grateful to our Savior who's atoning sacrifice and Resurrection, makes it possible for us to live with our families forever.

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  1. I love reading about your 10 years ago! I don't know if I ever heard the stories since I was on the mission, but I can envision you telling them to the "girls"!