Sunday, May 29, 2011


On Wednesday night my Father-in-law had gone up to the family cabin near Durango, Co  ( he was by himself) . When he turned on the propane and went to light the water heater, the water heater exploded. The blast was so big it blew open the two stories above him from the basement and he could see the stars,thru the roof. It also blew out the block wall next to him. He tried to put the fire out but wasn't able to and sorrowfully he  watched  the entire cabin burn down. His brother was able to meet him up there and helped him get to town. He knew he was badly burned but he refused to go to the hospital and spent the night at his brothers house. The next morning he still would not go to the hospital. and started driving back to Florence,Az.  Adam's brothers all drove to our house Thursday morning and along with Adam went to go look for him on the road. They found him near Holbrook and followed him Until he pulled over to take a nap (if he knew they were following him, he never would have pulled over because he knew they would want to take him to the hospital.) As soon he pulled over they pulled up behind him and jumped into his car. His burns were very bad and they insisted that he go to the hospital but he stubbornly refused, They basically hijacked his car and drove him to the hospital. The back of his hands were burnt bad and his face was also burnt but not as bad as his hands. They took him to the hospital in Show low. There, Adam and his brothers were able to give him a blessing and he was transported by ambulance to the burn center in Phoenix.  He is currently still at the burn unit and is expected to recover completely.

When I hear the story of the blast, it is so obvious to me that Dad was truly protected. Many people have said that he shouldn't have survived. I have no doubt that angles saved his life that night and gratitude fills my heart. 

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